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CPSCO, the IT company, takes pride in its unwavering commitment to supporting COCONET-US and MOSDAC-US since 2005. Our partnership with them has allowed us to constantly enhance our IT infrastructure and services, both locally and abroad. Equipped with our expert services in the IT domain, we have rendered authentic and reliable IT systems to our affiliated partners. Throughout the years, we have established ourselves as a formidable figure in providing high-quality IT infrastructure and expertise that is in line with the latest technological advancements. Our limited liability company is deeply devoted to providing excellent and cost-effective solutions to our clients, and this has ensured our continued success and growth. With our skilled professionals and vast experience in the field of IT infrastructure and services, we remain confident in staying ahead in the game.

Areas of expertise

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Network Infrastructure

As a provider of network infrastructure solutions, we ensure that our clients have all the necessary hardware, software and devices required for seamless computing and communication between users, applications and processes within their system. Our comprehensive network infrastructure solutions comprise a wide variety of equipment and technologies that work together to provide a reliable and efficient networking environment. From servers to wireless routers, we make sure that all components of the network are optimized for maximum performance. Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest technology trends and is committed to providing customized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our clients. Whether it's designing a new network or upgrading an existing one, our network infrastructure solutions are designed to meet the demands of modern business operations.

Information Technology Support

Our organization takes pride in actively spearheading a high-impact program aimed at bringing essential hardware and software resources to educational institutions at all levels. We are committed to providing comprehensive training programs that equip users with the necessary skills to utilize these resources and derive maximum benefits for improved education outcomes. As part of our mission, we take on the vital responsibility of setting up local networks in schools, facilitating effective collaboration, efficiency, and sharing of resources among educators and students alike. Our organization serves as the perfect liaison between participating schools, enabling the exchange of ideas, strategies, and best practices for delivering top-quality education. We are confident that our efforts will create a positive impact, encouraging the growth and development of highly skilled individuals who will contribute to society positively. With this initiative, we look forward to transforming education and paving the way for better and more robust educational outcomes.

MS360 Backup Cloud

COCOSAAS-MSP® provides a comprehensive solution for data backup and recovery that simplifies the process and makes it very user-friendly. Our easy-to-use file and image-based backup system allows for seamless backup and recovery of crucial data with minimal effort required. What's more, our centralized management system enables the smooth and effective monitoring of backup activities, providing you with peace of mind that your data is being effectively safeguarded. With our platform, you can rely on fast and reliable recovery of your data to any recovery target, ensuring that you are always prepared for any eventuality.

MS360 Supported Platforms

There are great options for virtualization and productivity suites for businesses. VMWare and Hyper-V are good for virtualization. Microsoft 365 and GSuite are popular for productivity. Microsoft offers familiar tools like Word, Excel and Powerpoint while Google’s suite has collaborative features. These tools streamline workflows and drive better outcomes. Implementing virtualization and cloud-based productivity can lead to success in today’s fast-paced business environment. We support all these platforms.


The Adventist Educational System has recognized the need to foster a global perspective in young learners. To this end, a new program has been proposed that aims to create a self-sustained global education initiative. The focus of this initiative will be to foster interaction and collaboration amongst students at the elementary level. The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, build relationships with their global peers and develop skills for success in an interconnected world. Through the program, students will engage in a range of activities including virtual exchange programs, online learning platforms and collaborative projects. The Adventist Educational System recognizes the need for students to have a global mindset in today's interconnected world and is committed to providing a world-class education that equips students for success in all areas of their lives.


LMS simplifies training courses and SIS manages student data. COCONET-US and MOSDAC-US are comprehensive SIS. Office 365 offers powerful tools like Outlook, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. Joining Project COCONET-US - MOSDAC-US gives access to the full suite. Sign up to discover how Office 365 can move you forward. A Student Information System helps manage student data quickly and efficiently. COCONET-US and MOSDAC-US manage data from various departments. Academic institutions can manage their processes and focus on providing quality education. Office 365 offers unmatched flexibility in adapting to your needs. Sign up today and achieve your goals with ease.

Azure Portal Support

Azure for Education is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking state-of-the-art resources, and make no mistake – it delivers. COCONET-US— MOSDAC is a standout project that offers a diverse range of top-notch cloud-based services to help you build, deploy, and manage all types of applications. Whether you're a student, teacher, or a curious learner, Azure for Education has everything you need to expand your knowledge of cloud technologies. With such an extensive collection of resources, you can take on complex workloads and develop advanced skills that will set you apart in your career or personal development. This is your chance to get hands-on experience with unprecedented opportunities that will optimise your educational journey. Be confident in your ability to tackle any learning challenge with Azure for Education.

MS 365 Platform

Looking for ways to streamline, be productive, and stay creative in today's digital age? With Office 365, you can do all that and more with confidence. Harness the powerful tools of Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and many others to bring your projects and ideas to life. With desktop and online options available, Office 365 offers unmatched flexibility in adapting to your needs. As a member of Project COCONET-US - MOSDAC-US, you can enjoy the full suite of Office 365 tools, including automatic updates and access to all of your favorite apps, completely free. So stop waiting and start achieving your goals with ease. Sign up today and discover how Office 365 can move you forward.

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Our Dedicated Team

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Ademir Soares


As an IT Director, Mr. Soares is known for his expertise in the design and management of network and infrastructure operations, leveraging business and technical acumen to generate solutions for complex issues. he specialize in championing strategic initiatives to deliver effective results, participating in critical decision-making processes while working proactively with cross-functional teams to drive competitive advantage.

Lorena Bidwell

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible to facilitate the provision of Information Technology Services to Andrews University students, faculty and staff. Primarily involved in organizing people, resolving issues, setting and managing budgets, planning and overseeing the meeting of compliance requirements.

Hebe Soares

Chief Advancement Officer

Enthusiastic, success-driven fundraising executive with 14 years experience in nonprofit organizations in higher education and private high school sectors. Expertise in people skills, crucial in establishing exceptional relationships with all levels of management as well as with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and generation layers. Experienced in budgeting infrastructure, implementation, and strategic planning, articulate and personable communicator, with well-defined leadership skills and well-honed analytical and technical aptitude.

Timothy Trine

Business Director

Mr. Trine is an outstanding professional who holds the position of Director for Desktop Systems at Andrews University. His exceptional abilities and strong business acumen have allowed him to maintain solid and fruitful relationships with the IT industry for over 25 years. . Thanks to his innate ability to understand the needs of both the academic and business sectors, Mr. Trine has been able to provide unparalleled support and guidance to all those with whom he has worked. His contribution to Andrews University has been immeasurable, and his experience and expertise are highly regarded and sought after by his colleagues in the field.

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As your trusted partner and dedicated team, it’s not a question of if we will provide you with our utmost dedication and high-quality work, but rather an undeniable certainty. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we pride ourselves on continuously going above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Our IT Services

Our esteemed organization boasts of possessing an extensively impressive portfolio featuring a diverse range of projects and services. We take immense pride in mentioning that our team of skilled professionals has accumulated several decades of invaluable experience in this field, which has enabled us to deliver unparalleled outcomes that have been acknowledged by our clients worldwide

Experienced Business Personnel

We have an incredible team of professionals who add immense value to our organization, and we are proud of their accomplishments. Our Information Technology expert is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, providing us with a real competitive advantage. Furthermore, our two MBA professionals bring invaluable business insights that enable us to stay ahead of the curve. Our dedicated Information Security Officer is the backbone of our data and IT systems, ensuring their safety and integrity. We are fortunate to have such a remarkable team of individuals with standout expertise and vast experience. They have been key to our organization's success, and we appreciate all they bring to the table.

Best Case Studies Scenario

We are constantly striving to surpass expectations and exceed benchmarks as we continuously improve upon our already-impressive track record of success. Our unwavering dedication to delivering only the best and most effective case study scenarios is evident in all that we do. So, when you choose to work with us, you can trust that you are receiving nothing short of the very best.

With You - From Start to Finish

We take great pride in offering our unwavering support as you embark on your journey towards achieving your goals. From the very moment we join forces in the initial phases of your project, we are fully committed to seeing you through every step of the process until the final product is delivered in its perfect form

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Cleber Gonçalves
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